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Semiconductor Manufacturing


Iberel has been working with front end and back end semiconductor factories since it started operations. Today, it offers each factory a very broad array of products and services, all aimed at helping it reduce its procurement and maintenance costs. Some of these products include...

trays, UV, germicidal and regular lamps, lasers, power supplies, o’rings, RF generators, chillers, magnets, chucks, heaters, spare parts, instruments, tools, machines, filters, bonding wire, bonding wedges, capillaries, anti-static and ESD products, reverse osmosis membranes, test and burn-in sockets, quartz products and tanks, megasonics, pumps, metrology standards, wafer shippers, contactors, magnetrons, robots, inkers, marking inks, epoxies, re-certifications, repairs, recalibrations, cleanroom products, stainless-steel tubing, marking equipment, new and used tools, consumables, chemicals, components, sub-assemblies, lubricants, maintenance support, etc., etc.

If it’s used by these factories, we probably purchase it on a regular basis.