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Your Integrated Supplier Solution


Iberel offers its customers a variety of ways by which to work with us, including:

Contract Basis:

This option refers to the willingness of the customer to contractually guarantee us a certain level of business per year. Under this arrangement, all fees and margins are negotiated in advance. The customer knows exactly what Iberel is costing him and retains the right to audit its documents....

Letter of Intent:

This option requires the customer to stipulate that he will make his best effort to use Iberel’s services as often as possible and will work towards giving it a pre-specified level of business.

Open-Ended Basis:

This option does not require the signing of a contract with Iberel. If we agree to work with a company, whenever it needs our services, it has only to contact us. We will answer as promptly as possible. While under the contract option our fees are pre-set, under this option we are free to charge fees we believe to be fair.

Each of these options offers advantages and disadvantages to Iberel and to the customer. We are open to discussing them or any other that the customer may be interested in. Our preference is to work with each customer on the basis of formal or informal understanding that delineates the basis for our collaboration.

Our Mission
To continuously contribute to our clients’ success through:
  • Innovative contributions to the reduction of their total cost of ownership
  • Raising their awareness to new and effective approaches to purchasing; and
  • Cutting-edge customer service.