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Your Integrated Supplier Solution

About Iberel

Iberel was established in 1985 and became operational in 1986. Our initial objective was to offer electronics factories a one-stop, low cost, qualified company through which to handle many of their procurement needs.

Over the years, we have found that by working with us, our clients benefit from US market advantages and are able to consolidate many of their purchases while increasing their leverage with local suppliers. They also optimize their supply chain, resulting in benefits throughout their organization, the most significant of which would be the lowering of their total cost-of-ownership. Using Iberel for their procurement needs also frees staff to pursue higher value tasks.

The Art of Purchasing Philosophy

Iberel knows that the cost of a product is the sum of all the expenses the purchasing company incurs to acquire and use the product. It is Iberel’s philosophy that the art of purchasing is to manage that cost. As such, the nature of our business requires that we use a four- planked strategic approach at every step of the purchasing process:

  • Every vendor price must be targeted for negotiation
  • Combine product requests from various customers to obtain lower prices
  • Systematically negotiate price discounts and/or warranty extensions, while focusing on availability or lack thereof of other options
  • Always look for a reliable supplier by contacting various and comparing options
  • Leverage Iberel and customer vendor relationships to improve terms offered
  • Minimize the impact of price increases by:
    • negotiating their elimination
    • reducing the percentage of increase


Iberel Services Expansion

Our areas of operation have expanded to include contract manufacturing, manufacturer representation, franchised product distribution, metals sourcing, legacy product support, parts brokerage, consulting and many other procurement related services.

Our customer-base has grown to include some of the largest and most technologically sophisticated corporations in the world – including some that have centralized corporate supply chain operations. Many of our clients have reaped the benefits of accessing a central US purchasing operation – or maintaining an independent extension of one, without having to incur any of the fixed  costs and management dislocation that come with establishment and maintenance of one.

Iberel Procurement Services Customer Benefits

Our broad understanding of business and corporate purchasing philosophies, combined with our out-of-the-box approach enables us to regularly identify new cost-saving ways through which to help our customers. This has allowed us to expand our industrial footprint, enabling us to better leverage our 25 years of experience. By tapping into:

  • A database of more than 50,000 items
  • Established accounts with over 3,000 vendors
  • Decades of experience purchasing from and selling to the electronics, aerospace, medical, chemical, metallurgical, equipment and mechanical industries
  • A highly educated, mature and professional staff with decades of multi-industry cumulative experience


This makes us better prepared than ever to be a positive contributor to client profitability. It is a key reason why our major customers – some of whom have been with us since we started—treat us as an extension of their operations. By working with Iberel, they have saved millions and millions of dollars.

Customer Vision

Confident in our ability to be a positive contributor to any business strategy, we continuously look to expand our customer base. We actively seek customers who are serious and willing to engage in long-term, interactive and collaborative relationships.

“If you are a customer, we thank you for your support. If you are not a customer, we encourage you to talk to us about our services and how we can make a difference to your operation. The cost to you is zero. The benefits can be in the millions.” Adelio Simoes, Founder and CEO


Our Mission
To continuously contribute to our clients’ success through:
  • Innovative contributions to the reduction of their total cost of ownership
  • Raising their awareness to new and effective approaches to purchasing; and
  • Cutting-edge customer service.
  • Supply-chain optimization services
    • Contract administration
    • Safety Stock support
    • Maintenance support
  • Legacy equipment support
    • Surplus / used equipment brokerage services
    • Repair / remanufacturing / calibration support
  • Metals sourcing and distribution
  • Miscellaneous services
    • Contract manufacturing and assembly
    • Manufacturer representation
    • Franchised & independent product distribution
    • Brokerage services
Iberel is a pleasure to work with, great customer service
- Mark Johnson