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Areas of Expertise

Beginning in the electronics field, we have evolved to not only deepen our presence in that arena, but to expand our procurement offerings to other industries.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Iberel started working with semiconductor factories in 1986. Today, we offer each factory a vast array of products and services, all aimed at helping you reduce your procurement and maintenance costs.  

Some of these products include
trays, UV, germicidal and regular lamps, lasers, power supplies, O’rings, RF generators, chillers, magnets, chucks, heaters, spare parts, tools, machines, filters, bonding wire, motors, test instruments, assemblies, trays, sockets, probing and test products, components, consumables, clean-room products, IT and hardware, repair and calibration and much more (see our products page). In fact, if the product is used by a semiconductor factory, we probably purchase it on a regular basis.

Electron / Microwave-Tube Manufacturing

As with semiconductor manufacturers, we’ve supported electron-tube factories since we started. Today, we offer a wide variety of products, mostly made to specifications, including but not limited to ceramics, tungsten impregnated cathodes, magnets, filaments, metals (in all forms and shapes – please see Metals Sourcing and Distribution Services for table), epoxies, instruments, anti-static/ESD products, machined components, custom metals, sub-assemblies, active and passive components, lubricants, brazing alloys, etc.

Aerospace Manufacturing

Iberel offers aerospace manufacturing factories a broad spectrum of highly customer-specific items, including but not limited to PC boards, spare parts, instruments, metals, repairs, recertifications, recalibrations, components, ESD/anti-static items, etc.

Medical Manufacturing

A sizable selection of standard and custom products, including PC boards, instruments, power supplies, spare parts, components, metals, chemicals, etc., are available from Iberel for medical manufacturing enterprises.

Metallurgical Manufacturing and Distribution

With decades of experience working with and sourcing metals, we offer this industry a one-stop shop through which to source any metal in any form and in any shape (see Metals Sourcing and Distribution Services).

Petroleum Refining

We offer refineries support in the area of spare parts for most instruments and equipment, tubing and connections, clean-up products, handling items, etc.


Iberel has also done work in the construction, IT and R&D verticals. 


Our Mission
To continuously contribute to our clients’ success through:
  • Innovative contributions to the reduction of their total cost of ownership
  • Raising their awareness to new and effective approaches to purchasing; and
  • Cutting-edge customer service.