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Your Integrated Supplier Solution


Leverage the cost reduction possibilities and other market advantages provided by Iberel’s vast network of contacts, extensive knowledge of procurement and 25 plus years of experience. Iberel specializes in top-quality, customer-centric procurement services for manufacturers desiring to enhance their purchasing process by accessing exceptional, proven, sourcing methods.

When you partner with Iberel, you will receive:

  1. Leverage in industry-specific expertise in areas such as purchasing and sales
  2. In-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes, product familiarity, sourcing capability and vendor relationships
  3. Access to a suite of services designed to improve your efficiency, lower your total cost-of-ownership and increase your profitability

Our Mission is to continuously contribute to our clients’ success through:

  • Innovative contributions to the reduction of their total cost of ownership
  • Raising their awareness to new and effective approaches to purchasing; and
  • Cutting-edge customer service.

Iberel’s services include customized purchasing, support and distribution programs:

Supply Chain

Often, purchasing, planning and inventory management offer significant opportunities for process improvements. To realize those possibilities, many manufacturers are embracing a key industry trend of optimizing cost reduction and improving efficiencies in the supply chain function by centralizing procurement activities.

As an integrated supplier, Iberel allows you to do just that - centralize your procurement functions. This enables you to:

  • Take advantage of a one-stop product sourcing shop
  • Access vast, expansive and intricate market knowledge
  • Leverage your vendor relationship and Iberel's
  • Order any product and in any quantity you need
  • Source products for one or multiple sites simultaneously
  • Decrease your total cost of ownership by:
    • Lowering acquisition expenses
    • Reducing the number of vendor accounts
    • Limiting the number of purchase orders and related accounting transactions
    • Decreasing shipments received
    • Improving inventory control
    • Tightening supply chain efficiencies
    • Letting you allocate additional time to more profitable task
    • Managing better demands on and for personnel

All of this means growth where it counts most — to your bottom line.

Contract Administration

Manufacturers’ distribution networks often limit the marketing and sale of their products to single and exclusive suppliers responsible for contractually-assigned territories. The absence of another supply option means you have limited negotiation leverage.

If you are in that position, Iberel offers an alternative. First, you must negotiate into the contract a clause that permits you, at your discretion, to bypass the manufacturer’s distribution and use your own supplier or contract with the services of an independent intermediary. Iberel can then monitor and administer the contract. This includes authorizing product releases and forwarding the quantities needed to each US or overseas customer location.

This can benefit all parties:

  • The customer by enabling him to benefit from lower prices
  • The manufacturer by making his products more cost competitive
  • The local reseller by making him competitive enough to be kept as a participant in the contract
  • Iberel, who otherwise probably would not have had any of the business

Surplus/Used Equipment Brokerage

While it can be economical to purchase used, re-manufactured or re-conditioned tools, machines, and instruments, the terms and conditions of such transactions can be risky. However, if that risk can be minimized, some excellent deals can be made.

Iberel will search for the item and negotiate the best possible purchasing conditions including:

  • The longest possible warranty and right of return
  • Inspecting, testing and certifying (on an as-needed basis) that the product is functioning in compliance with applicable specifications, prior to its shipment
  • Increasing post transactional leverage over suppliers

This enables you to take advantage of cost-effective options you otherwise may never consider, thereby lowering your production-related expenses and extending your return on investment.

Product Brokerage

If you have products you wish to sell or products you want to purchase, contact Iberel. We have years of experience finding markets for products companies want to sell and even more years of expertise sourcing products our customers want to purchase.

We are uniquely qualified to do a market search and then present you with one or more options that may be suitable for your situation.

Procurement Consulting

Our professional and experienced staff is uniquely qualified and more than ready to assist you with knowledgeable, wide ranging and creative consulting in any area related to procurement. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Product/market research
  • Project management
  • Purchasing strategy
  • Contract negotiation
  • Vendor and product qualification
  • Engineering services

Our consulting also includes making it easier for you to comply with your ISO audit responsibilities. We can act as an agent in the performance of audits of your U.S. suppliers, enabling you to satisfy certification requirements while saving you time and expense.

Contract Manufacturing and Assembly

Iberel also offers the custom manufacturing of many items, especially components, assemblies and kits. We can do some of the work internally or use the services of one or more of our many subcontractors to fabricate and assemble some or all of the parts needed to complete your product. All products will comply with the customers’ exacting specifications and meet the highest quality standards.

Access the proven abilities of a dedicated full-service procurement expert when you need legacy equipment safety stock or repair/maintenance support services. Iberel will find the best way to economically support your products no matter what they are.

Legacy Equipment Support / Manufacturer Representation

A serious concern with the termination of product support is the possible damage it will do to customer goodwill. This could negatively impact the marketability of your current and future product line.

Consider Iberel to support your legacy products. If you transfer the support rights to Iberel, you will be able to preserve and even expand your customer goodwill. In addition, you can tap into a revenue stream that otherwise would not exist.

Safety Stock Support

If your product cost-reduction strategy obligates you to maintain little or no inventory, Iberel can collaborate with the customer and the manufacturer to maintain a safety inventory of key components and spares for you. This benefits:

  • The manufacturer by enabling better customer service usually without having to tie up precious financial resources
  • The client by knowing that inventory needs will be met on short notice. This provides peace of mind and ensures commitments to customers will be kept while building supplier and customer goodwill

Given Iberel’s ability to ship within the US and abroad, this option can be a tremendous asset to both manufacturers and clients.

Repair / Remanufacturing / Recalibration/ Maintenance Support

Product manufacturers typically do not offer repair or refurbishment services. And even if they do, it is often at prices that are significantly higher than those of competing companies. However, if more cost efficient refurbishing or repair firms can be found, your product’s life cycle could be extended – in some cases, significantly, at a more reasonable cost.

At Iberel, our 25 years of operation have enabled us to build relationships with dozens of refurbishing and repair firms with specialties all across the electronics spectrum. This enables us to offer you options you might not be aware of and/or cannot identify and, in the process, increase the return on your original investment.

Manufacturers can increase sales by taking advantage of our extensive reach and expertise across industries and market territories to distribute their products. Iberel is especially skilled in products used in semiconductor production, electronic components and metals distribution. We can work as a franchised or as an independent distributor.

Franchised & independent Product Distribution

Our many years of experience, the wide spectrum of the products we sell as well as our market reach across industries and market territories, uniquely qualifies us to be a franchised or independent distributor for any manufacturer.

Metals Sourcing and Distribution

Since Iberel was founded in 1985, we have been sourcing metals for our customer base. Today, we offer a unique expertise across the metallurgical spectrum, but especially in metals manufactured to customer’s specifications.

Please note that in addition to the above, we are also able to supply many alloys with the metals listed as well as other metals and forms, including sputtering and evaporation targets in the required compositions and purities. We can also supply you with metal products manufactured or machined to your specifications as well as other metal products (e.g.: clad materials, mesh, etc.)

Our Mission
To continuously contribute to our clients’ success through:
  • Innovative contributions to the reduction of their total cost of ownership
  • Raising their awareness to new and effective approaches to purchasing; and
  • Cutting-edge customer service.
  • Supply-chain optimization services
    • Contract administration
    • Safety Stock support
    • Maintenance support
  • Legacy equipment support
    • Surplus / used equipment brokerage services
    • Repair / remanufacturing / calibration support
  • Metals sourcing and distribution
  • Miscellaneous services
    • Contract manufacturing and assembly
    • Manufacturer representation
    • Franchised & independent product distribution
    • Brokerage services