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Your Integrated Supplier Solution

Integrated Supplier

Supply Chain Optimization & Central Purchasing Services

Cut CostsOne of the key trends in recent years towards efficiency and cost reduction optimization has been an ongoing reduction in the number of suppliers a company works with. Purchasing, planning, and inventory management offer significant opportunities for such reduction, which, when correctly pursued, can result in significant savings. Consequently, their optimization must be a key component of any corporate strategy targeting cost reduction and profit maximization.

At Iberel, we leverage our many years of procurement experience and our understanding of suppliers’ and customers’ strategies into a unique out-of-the-box approach to cost-of-ownership reduction. We regularly challenge our customers and prospective customers to focus aggressively on their supply chain strategies. Key to lowering a product’s cost-of-ownership is an accurate understanding of the cost of processing each purchase order and the cost of purchasing and of owning each product.

These, of course, are dependent on many factors, least of which is the professional caliber of the staff involved and the cost of the product. Further, resource optimization can be pursued through the reassignment of high caliber staff from mundane tasks to those that are financially more rewarding.

Integrated Supplier

Our services go a long way towards helping our customers lower their total cost of ownership, not only through the business they process through us but also through the better results that flow automatically from freeing staff to focus on higher–end tasks. With our integrated supplier services, customers can:

  • Reduce prices
  • Reduce product acquisition costs
  • Reduce the number of vendor accounts
  • Reduce the number of purchase orders placed
  • Reduce the number of shipments received
  • Reduce the number of accounting transactions
  • Improved inventory control
  • Lower downtime
  • Improve the overall efficiency of its supply-chain
  • Allocate more time to high-end, cost-critical and/or high-margin tasks
  • and more...