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Legacy Product Support and Manufacturer Representation:

Many manufacturers regularly find themselves having to choose between continuing to support older products or channeling their resources into the development and support of new ones. With the customer’s target market for new products often the same as that targeted when the discontinued products were sold, a serious concern with the termination of support is the possible damage it will do to goodwill with each customer, thus negatively impacting the marketability of the manufacturer’s current and future product line. Recognizing that many customers will go to great lengths to maximize the return on their investments, one option is for manufacturers to transfer the support of those older products to another (qualified) firm.

At Iberel we have years of experience supporting legacy products, regardless of the nature of the product and the customer’s location. If you are considering terminating support for any of your products, we strongly recommend that you consider transferring the rights to that support to Iberel. It is an excellent way of preserving and even growing goodwill as well as tapping into a revenue stream that otherwise would not exist.

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